Engraved Rollers

Rollers engravings in high or low relief.

Rollers machined in various materials adapted to the machine where they work. Used to mark plastic cables, leather belts, souvenir coins.

Engravings can be in high relief or low relief.

Engraved rollers for Pressed Pennies

Engraved on steel rollers mounted on a machine "pressed pennies" extrudes coins to medals as souvenirs in various tourist places.

Rolls of various types adapted to different existing machines.

Hundreds of machines in Europe mount the engraved rollers by Omella Engravings.

Engraved rolls

Engravings in rollers or rolls at high or low relief, even in previously temperate parts, Omella Engravings can also machine the rolls as needed. The rollers rotare on its axis marking the materials passing below them.
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